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The MP3 Bibles are here to be heard. If you are underprivileged and cannot make a donation, download what you need by all means.

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Freely you have received. Please make a donation in the same spirit.


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Parent Directory - EntireBible.tar.gz 28-Mar-2009 21:12 813M Psalms.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:32 48M Genisis.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:17 44M Jeremiah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:21 44M Ezekiel.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:15 40M Exodus.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:13 37M Numbers.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:29 36M Deuteronomy.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:41 31M Luke.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:25 31M Matthew.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:27 30M Acts.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:39 29M Isaiah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:20 29M 1Samuel.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:35 28M Leviticus.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:24 27M GospelOfJohn.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:18 23M 2Chronicles.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:36 22M 1Kings.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:34 21M 2Kings.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:37 20M 1Chronicles.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:32 19M 2Samuel.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:37 17M Joshua.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:23 16M Proverbs.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:30 16M Job.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:22 16M Judges.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:23 16M Mark.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:26 14M Daniel.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:39 12M Revelation.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:32 11M Nehemiah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:28 9.3M Hebrews.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:18 9.2M Romans.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:32 9.1M 1Corinthians.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:33 8.5M Ezra.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:15 6.6M Zecharaih.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:33 6.5M Ecclesiastes.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:41 5.8M 2Corinthians.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:36 5.5M Hosea.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:18 5.4M Esther.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:12 4.7M Amos.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:39 4.2M Galatians.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:15 4.0M Ephesians.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:12 3.9M Lamentations.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:23 3.6M 1Peter.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:34 3.4M 1John.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:33 3.3M Micah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:27 3.3M 1Timothy.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:35 3.1M James.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:20 3.0M Philipians.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:29 2.9M Colossians.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:39 2.6M 1Thessalonians.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:35 2.4M 2Timothy.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:38 2.3M SongOfSolomon.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:33 2.1M Ruth.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:32 2.1M Joel.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:22 2.1M 2Peter.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:37 2.1M Malachi.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:26 1.9M Zephaniah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:33 1.7M Habakkuk.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:18 1.6M Nahum.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:27 1.4M 2Thessalonians.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:37 1.3M Titus.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:33 1.3M Jonah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:22 1.3M Haggai.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:18 1.2M Jude.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:23 816K Obadiah.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:29 685K Philemon.zip 28-Mar-2009 21:29 602K 3John.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:38 372K 2John.zip 28-Mar-2009 20:36 371K header.htm 28-Mar-2009 21:33 4.2K